A young dynamic company started in 2000 always evolving with the times in regard to product, customer base and their needs. We started with a few products like Castor Oil, etc.

Gradually with the passage of time we expanded our product line as well as our market reach. Today, we are active in places like Australia, Belgium, Canada, Greece, Poland, Netherlands, USA, France, Italy, USA, Canada & parts of Latin and Central America.

If you are looking for excipients for your contract manufacturing, dosage formulas, etc. we are the people. With its widely suitable, quality centered, robust and evolving range of excipients, we serve as a 'One-Stop-Shop' for formulators & contract manufacturers with products manufactured in different locations in India.

Binders, fillers and disintegrants, lubricants, etc. - the company attempts at addressing every application need. From oral and dermal administration to intravenous delivery, our portfolio covers it all. The pharmaceutical industry operates in a stringent regulatory environment and to comply with this need, we provide all requisite documents and support regarding the use and safety of products. Our customers can be assured of quality, transparency and reliability.

We have long-standing relationships with a few Indian manufacturers who believe like us in ethics and transparency. Besides, the pharma industry, ZUBIN CORPN also sells White Mineral Oils, Emulsifiers, etc. to the cosmetic and personal care industry. Again tying up with reputed manufacturers with the correct certifications.

Our mission is to forge long-term relationships with buyers and sellers in the times to come. We may not have the BIGGEST customers but we can boast of the OLDEST customers.

We have forged close relationships with some of the prominent manufactures in India, most of whom are GMP & ISO certified. Close attention is paid to keep the quality of our product consistent. As a company, we do not believe in making tall claims but let our customers speak for our credibility. We look forward to building a lasting relationship with you. Let us introduce you to the Indian market through mutual co-operation. We will guide you to the right source with the right product at the right price.